Thursday, October 17, 2013


There was an egg in a basket
Toast with a fine egg sunny side
I ate the basket
I ate the egg
They were both covered
Picnic blanket of cheese
To my left
There is a shiny rock
Supposed to encourage money
Supposed to make me confident
About business
There are two small bags
Each with what can be called
Semi-precious stones
But once I lost the blue bag
I felt my soul shatter
Looking everywhere for it
There is a large scarab
It's lapis lazuli
I stare at it
Barely touch it
Once I wore a pendant
Made of the same cobalt stone color
Gave me nightmares
Of past lives
So I accidentally on purpose
Lost it
Might be under the bed.

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Friends

Mic checkers
People evolvers
Stars of many skies
Life givers
Spark makers

One Day

I will return to mother
Beyond the stars 
Beyond dark nights
Beyond days where
I may have seen her 
In the morning mist
Before one is fully awake
I will tell her
About my journey
About how hard it was
To not come running 
After her so many years ago
When she made her way
Through the veil
Without me
One day
I will return to mother
I will lay my head down
Upon her lap
She will give me the peace
I have sought
Soothing all those years
Without her
That were like lightning
Striking upon the doors
Of my sad heart
One day
When I return to mother
I will finally be able
To sleep
Through the night.

Secret to Happiness

When I forget this
I despair
When I remember
Is glorified
And new.

Royal Pain

Put down the gauntlet
Hero to yourself
There is no mountain
To crest
The range is long
This is but a 
Low hill
Long haul
No use 
Puffing out
Hollow cage
Wasting air
Hollow journey
No one is important
Not even you.


Things were simpler
Way back when
There were trees
Touched lightly
Kissed by breeze
Nothing was mowed
Chopped or burned
The world would turn
We had only 
One another
Before They came
Made other plans
Cut down the trees
Poisoned the breeze
Tore up the roots
Burned everything else
The world still turns
But everything
So much more complex
Where has it all gone?

Magic Keys

Just because
They're invisible
Does not mean
They do not exist
Your eyes
Are for one dimension
Your hopes
For another
Our wishes
Create manifestation
Maybe you'll get
What you want
Maybe you'll get
What you didn't know
You wanted
Magic keys
Are everywhere
But they do not unlock
You unlock
You are the key
They are the unlocking
Of You
As you are now
Be free
And see
The veil is thin
Do not be thick